Mulysa Mayhem - A Featured Presenter with HexFest 2024

Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans

Mulysa Mayhem

Mulysa Mayhem is the owner of Good Mojo Tattoos in Beverly, MA, (right next to Salem) and has been a practitioner of the sacred art of tattoo since 1990. She is a devotee-priestess of the Goddess, Hekate, a "high-priestess-on-sabbatical" of the NYC Welsh and Gardnerian Traditions of Witchcraft, and an OTO initiate. She has done presentations about the magickal tattoo since 1996 for various magickal/occult organizations and gatherings around the country and at many educational institutions. She has been featured in several international publications, such as "Body Art" (UK), "Tattoo Planet" (Italy), and "Skin & Ink"(US), discussing the magickal mark. Mulysa has also been featured on radio (Coast to Coast AM with George Noory) and TV (including CNN and "The Other Side with Dr.Will Miller") discussing both tattooing and Witchcraft. She has been presenting about Hekate since 2000, most notably at Christian Day and Brian Cain's Salem's Festival of the Dead and previous Hexfests.

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Workshops for 2024

Transforming the Darkness: Hekate and the Path Through Madness to Light Multimedia
Saturday, Aug 10, 9:00am
St Joseph Salon [map]

The Magick of Tattoo: Tattoo as Ritual Art Multimedia
Sunday, Aug 11, 10:45am
St Joseph Salon [map]

Hekate: From Cosmic Soul to Crowley's Crone Multimedia
Sunday, Aug 11, 3:15pm
St Joseph Salon [map]

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