Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day
and the Witches of New Orleans

2021 Presenters

HexFest 2021 has gathered Witches, rootworkers, Voodoo priests, and other magical teachers from within New Orleans and around the world to deliver their time-honored wisdom to conference attendees. Presenters for 2021 hail from across the spectrum of Witchcraft and magic and include Byron Ballard, Carie Ewers, Christine Stephens, Denise Alvarado, Diana Rachjel, Elie Barnes, Fiona Horne, Geraldine Beskin, Hala, Lady Rhea, Levi Rowland , Michael Correll, Michael Herkes, Oberon Zell, Paul Beyerl, Priestess Miriam, Sandra Mariah Wright, Sen Elias, Starr Casas, Ted Jauw, Thorn Mooney , Val Hughes, and Witchdoctor Utu!

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“I received valuable knowledge that is having a positive effect not just on my personal life but in my professional life as well. I’m definitely a wiser and stronger person because of it and I can’t wait to return for the next one.”
Rhonda, Albuquerque, NM