HexFest: Vendors and Presenters Meet and Greet for 2020!
August 7 to 9, 2020 at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel Presented by Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans

2020 Vendors

Vending Area and Presenters’ Meet and Greet

HexFest 2020 is Livestreaming online! (more…)

Due to Covid-19, HexFest 2020 will not be held in person but will be livestreamed to the world!

August 7 – 9: Saturday: 9am-8pm & Sunday 9am-4:00pm

HexFest attendees will love the magical shopping in our on-site vending hall—located within the Orleans Ballroom—where you can purchase powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and spellcrafts handmade by true practitioners. Our vending area also serves as our presenters’ meet and greet, where you can speak with your favorites between workshops! The ballroom is located on the second floor of the hotel and is accessible by both stairs and elevator. If you're interested in becoming a vendor, click here!

Free Psychic Readings!

As a special bonus for HexFest attendees, we will be offering free psychic readings both days of the festival in the Orleans Ballroom vending area!

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Our Vendors for 2020

Featuring Witchdoctor Utu [bio]

Allos Anthropos
Featuring Elie Barnes [bio]
Allos Anthropos is an organic, biodynamic magical herb garden and workshop located in the Lower 9th ward of New Orleans. Elie Barnes and Ed Bradley grow many European Witch herbs along with Southern Conjure and folk magic herbs and roots. They use Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic methods along with astrological timing and planetary hour influence. All plants, roots and flowers are gathered, dried and packaged under correct conditions and products are hand made and consecrated by practicing witches.

Crescent City Conjure
Featuring Sen Elias [bio]
At Crescent City Conjure we continue to make handcrafted tools to be used in your spiritual work. Established in 2015, Crescent City Conjure has become a beacon for the spiritual community. We are a full-service conjure shop that provides spiritual products, consultations, tarot readings, and a variety of other services.

Dark Candles
The originator of Gothic and Horror themed candles made specifically for people with dark and eccentric tastes.

Detroit Sourceri
Featuring Kenya Coviak [bio]
Detroit Sourceri is your source for unique curios and magical items with a Detroit state of mind. Whether it be charms, waters, or sachets of power, you are sure to find what you didn't know you were looking for here. Take a taste of Michigan magic home.

Dragon Ritual Drummers
Featuring Dragon Ritual Drummers [bio]
Get signed CDS and other merchandise from the Dragon Ritual Drummers, meet the band, and learn about upcoming appearances!

Ellen Evert Hopman author, herbalist and Druid
Featuring Ellen Evert Hopman [bio]
Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of a growing collection of books on Celtic herb lore and medicine as well as a trilogy of novels; the "Priestess of the Forest" series. Her newest herbals are "The Sacred Herbs of Samhain" (Destiny Books, August 2019) and "The Sacred Herbs of Beltaine" (Destiny Books, April, 2020). Her latest non fiction work is "The Real Witches of New England" a history of Witch persecutions from the Bronze Age to the 1990's including interviews with important modern Witches.

Gallows Hill Witchery
Featuring Sandra Mariah Wright [bio]
Sandra and Kevin Wright run Gallows Hill Witchery from their home at the top of Gallows Hill in Salem, Massachusetts. They will be offering a gorgeous selection of sterling silver jewelry and talismans, palm stones, crystal wands, handmade charms, and signed copies of Sandra and Leanne's book "Reading the Leaves: An Intuitive Guide to the Ancient Art and Modern Magic of Tea Leaf Divination."

Kristoffer Hughes
Featuring Kristoffer Hughes [bio]
Meet and greet with Kristoffer Hughes who will be selling his featured books, 'From the Cauldron Born', 'The Book of Celtic Magic', the award winning 'The Journey into Spirit', and his 'The Celtic Tarot'.

Lady Rhea Inc
Featuring Lady Rhea [bio]
Lady Rhea is a public figure speaking about Wicca and magick. Author and creator of The Enchanted Candle, and The Enchanted Formulary a Collection of blending oils for many magickal purposes. Magickal Realms features Enchanted Candles, Enchanted Oils, and incense all made by the the creation of Lady Rhea. Private consultation is available both in person and by phone. Candle burning services are available. Lady Rhea is available for book signings and workshops.

Lilith Dorsey
Featuring Lilith Dorsey [bio]
The Lilith Dorsey website offers links to purchase her books, services, and other magickal items such as blessed waters and oils.

Serpentine Spiritual Arts
Serpentine Spiritual Arts offers authentic, energetically potent creations that assist with manifestation. Sancista Jennifer handcrafts Vodou, conjure, witchcraft, Santa Muerte, and ceremonial magick ritual tools, oils, bone and curio divination collections, blessed spirit jewelry and amulets, fixed candles, spell kits, and other occult supplies and folk art. She uses only the finest, highest vibration ingredients and blesses and charges her creations through prayers and rituals.

The Sea Witch Emporium
Featuring Mimi Curry [bio]
The Sea Witch Emporium started out in Charleston, South Carolina ans with having a connection to the sea, as well as water in general, it has shaped the products that I offer. I offer magical tinctures, gris-gris, custom made candles, spell kits, bath products, and more. All products are made by hand and with care. Anyone from the witch starting out to the seasoned practitioner are able to use the products with great results.

Woodland Shrine LLC
We make fae and forest spirit masks, forest crowns, and ethical found bone jewelry. Everything is either recycled, scavenged or gifted to us, which allows everything to be completely one of a kind.

As twins, these artisans share a powerful connection to the natural forces. They are descending from healers in Mexico’s Oaxacan high country and craft unique jewelry to adorn and celebrate your powerful energy. Jewelry is an age-old form of talisman. This beautiful handcrafted jewelry is full of meaningful symbolism and empowers the wearer to tap into the powerful forces of energy that surround you. Come see which of these beautiful pieces calls to you.

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Lilith Dorsey
Lilith Dorsey

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“I want to thank all of the amazing staff, presenters, organizers and fellow attendees for this superb magical weekend. I had high expectations and they were exceeded!”
Alan, Sacramento, CA